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Welcome to Our Neighbourhood Watch

Vermont Unite is a citizen involvement program designed to foster proactive strategies to reduce crime in the neighborhood.

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I started Vermont Unite with the goal to promote safety and reduce crime to help the citizens of Vermont feel safe and secure in their neighborhood and also how to help them embrace the responsibility to take an active role in preventing crime among them. The community would have a reduction in the numbers and cost of injuries and violence, therefore, an improvement in the quality of life and promotion of health and safety for the people of Vermont.

CEO - Shannan John

Shannan John, the daughter of Ann- Marie Spence and I am proud to be from this nature valley that many of you call home. As a child, I relocated to the United States of America to further my studies and overall academic development. Despite dealing with the challenges that comes with a cultural shift I managed to study all the way through undergrad, obtaining my Associates of Arts in Teacher Education, and my Bachelors of Arts in both Teacher Education and Psychology. In July 2020, just a few months after the tragic COVID outbreak in America I decided to relocate back to my home in which I knew best, St.Vincent and the Grenadines. For the past two years, I have met so many wonderful people who motivated me to always push through all the obstacles that I was facing through the rough COVID era. The kindness of these persons that motivated and helped me, pushed me into thinking how I can give back to my community and all communities within St.Vincent and the Grenadines. That thought drove me to the sign up board for Miss SVG and has given me the opportunity to stand before you now as Miss CEDCO Contestant #3.

The idea of the neighbourhood which is create a union between local officers and residents to help end the cycle of crime. 

The goal that I have for this website is for it to be a user-friendly space where residents can:

  • Report a crime easily

  • Get to know their neighbours

  • Strengthen neighborhood relationships

  • Learn how to look for and report suspicious activity.

  • Keep cooperative efforts healthy and strong,  

  • Secure an environment where all neighbors are verified.

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